Fic: : A Certain Slytherin Villian

Title: A Certain Slytherin Villian
Rated: Adultish
Genre: Harry Potter
Characters: Severus Snape/Harry Potter
Notes: that this has very little to do with the last novel. I ignore it, she said airily. I actually wrote this back in January and did put it on LJ but thought I'd share it here, as I know many of my list is still very active in HP fandom.


Harry looked up from the book he was reading. "What?"

"You asked me what I liked about Sherlock Holmes novels, why I read them. It's Moriarty."

Harry curled onto his side, put the book aside and placed his glasses on the side table. He rested his head on his arm and studied Severus with a mild smile. "Should have known you'd like him."

Snape nodded, thoughtful. The lamplight sent blue and gold highlights through his dark hair, mingling with the streaks of silver at his temples. The years had softened his austerity, providing an elegance that was almost beauty, as close to it as Snape would ever come.

"He's almost Slytherin, so that makes him rather admirable, of course. He appreciates a worthy foe, and feels that being who and what he is, his match must always be the best of the best. He's brilliant, cunning, devious, unpredictable, and he has a sense of his own worth. Of course, his morals are somewhat ambiguous."

"Phooey to that. He isn't ambiguous. He's a total villain."

Severus turned to him, eyes calm, as deep as ever, exerting the same dark fascination they always had for Harry. "But that's rather what the world thought of me, wasn't it? One's reputation tends to proceed one, and the judgment of the moral majority guides opinion."

Drawn inexorably by that voice, by the unspoken bond between them that a decade together had not dimmed, Harry slid closer to his lover, curled next to him, rested his face on Severus' chest. "So, if it were real, and I were Sherlock Holmes, how would the story have ended?"

Long, powerful fingers stroked his hair, and he closed his eyes in pleasure at the touch.

"Oh, I imagine one day Moriarty would have lured poor, foolish, quixotic young Sherlock into a trap and seduced him with drugged wine, hypnosis and his apparently sensual voice and before he knew it the detective would have been naked and aroused and filled with a quite shameful desire to have the bad Professor have his evil way with him. With or without his violin."

Harry sighed, turned into the touch and licked the nipple he was resting against, nuzzling it with mouth and face, smiling as he did. "I think that version of the novel might have been a best seller. You could call it Sherlock Holmes and the Adventure to Be Found in a Brown Paper Bag Behind the Counter."



Oh, I liked this. Thank you!
I remember liking this very much the first time around.

I miss your Snarries. (But I accept that we all move on. :-) )